National Safes - A stockist for Dudley Safes Ltd


 Vault Doors vault rooms

Dudley Safes Ltd are one of the largest safe manufacturers in England building safes since 1983.

  National Safes are pleased to be able to support them.


The safe units on this site begin with the Harlech Standard a safe that carries 3K over night cash cover for insurance purposes.

Jewellery cover is 10 times higher than the cash rating so 3K cash cover will attract 30K jewellery cover.

Harlech Standard

grade 0

grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3

Remember ...each cash cover implies that jewellery cover is ten times the amount: 6K cash cover is 60K jewellery cover.

Each unit is fitted with a fire seal tested to NT 17: 30 minutes fire protection (paper)


 Please use the sub - menu buttons to navigate through the different safe gradings.......


Pictured is a grade 2 safe unit ...   Vault Doors vault roomsTested by The Loss Prevention Council Board England.

Delivery explained...

Some locations are considered geographical extremeties; Northern Ireland .. Channel Islands .. All of Scotland and the Scottish Islands .

The above locations will incur a delivery surcharge.

Normal delivery charges ....

Boltdown delivery to ground floor 100.00 .... Basement via stairs 150.00 .... 1st floor via stairs 150.00 .... 2nd floor via stairs 200.00 pounds sterling.